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Tim Somerfield (Afro Ninja)
Tim Somerfield (Afro Ninja)Tim Somerfield (Afro Ninja) shared a post.
A new gig just in...TONIGHT at Brewhouse & Kitchen in Southbourne! 8pm til 10pm - come and say hi. Will be good to be back!
Tim Somerfield (Afro Ninja)
Tim Somerfield (Afro Ninja)Tim Somerfield (Afro Ninja) shared a post.
DISCLAIMER: This is extremely self-indulgent and I hope you will forgive me and just scroll on past if this bores you.

Assuming I make it through to the end of 2019 without cancelling any gigs due to physical or mental illness I will have done a cute 191 gigs this year.

I'm happy with this number for 2 reasons...

2 major projects ended this year (Alter Ego and TKO) and it was a risk to go at it solo despite my confidence that I would still be able to make a living. So I am extremely happy, and grateful to the venues and agents who have enabled this to happen, that I have almost made it through this year financially unscathed (although I'm not there quite yet).

I have managed to keep the number of gigs below 200 for the first time since I started trying to. Which means I have learned some degree of self-control and self-management. I have a reputation for doing a ridiculous number of gigs, and this is simply because I absolutely love performing for you all. But there are times where the weekends of 6,7,8,9 or sometimes 10 gigs become too much and I feel like utter dogshit mentally and physically, but I rarely quit on my commitment to these venues and end up suffering for it.
I have cancelled more gigs in recent years, as I've tried to manage myself a bit more, and I am grateful to those venues who have understood and not made me feel unbearably guilty for doing so - as well as to those musicians who have stepped in last minute and bailed me out.

I haven't been slacking though - I've put together a brand new function band set with a full band, and that was extremely fun back in October.

I've put together a brand new originals band (with The Kingsfoil lads) and I'm so proud of what we've produced and I can't wait to take it even further, with more new music as well as the ones we already have!

To those who struggle to find enough work to make the dream work, just remember there is work out there, you just have to go and find it.
We are also masters of our own destiny in this regard. If you don't know how to do something, learn, and I'm always happy to field questions and offer advice where asked (although I can't claim to have all of the answers).

Anyway, my diary is open for 2020 - for private work, public work, original work, full band work, and solo work.

Thanks all xx